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Quick Tips

1. Prior to testing the student, download and print out the teacher comments form and caregiver comments forms. We have SLP, OT and PT versions. Please login and visit this page to download them.
2. Consult with teacher about each area or have them fill it out.
3. Use printed questions as a guide when observing student.
4. You do not have to answer every question. Unanswered questions will not show up on the report. For example, if a student does not use a communication device, simply skip the question.
5. You do not have to click on every option for questions that have graded answers. For example, scissor use, if a student can cut out simple shapes and irregular shapes he can obviously snip, cut straight lines, and curvy lines.
6. In the comment boxes use complete sentences since it will show up in the report exactly that way. (eg. Mrs. Green reported that ...)
7. In the Preview feature, when you move your mouse over each sentence it will turn yellow. If you click on that sentence it will automatically bring you to that question for quick editing.
8. Download your evaluation, add assessment scores, and edit if necessary.
9. Contact us if you have any concerns or comments at

Video Tutorials

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