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Breeze through your pediatric school and clinic evaluation reports in a fraction of the time and streamline your reporting process with our powerful tools.

Answer questions and our software automatically generates your narrative report.
More than 25,000 reports created
Trusted by thousands of pediatric therapists in schools and private clinics in the US and across the world
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Download as a Word doc or Google doc

Complete your evaluation reports at lightening speed

Answer questions

Answer multiple choice and fill-in questions about your student's background, observation and assessments. Our software then generates full sentences and paragraphs based on your answers.

80+ Assessment scoring charts

Leverage our extensive list of assessment charts and descriptions for SLP, OT and PT evaluations.

Download the report

When you're satisfied with your evaluation report, download it as a Word Document or a Google Doc and send it where it needs to go.

Download a sample report

Check out the quality and comprehensiveness of the reports that Double Time Docs generates.

A robust set of features

We're all about efficiency and speed, so we've dialed in some really great features to help you tackle your caseload fast.

80+ assessment scoring charts

Get access to our library of more than 80 common assessment scoring charts. Fill in scores directly in our software and include the chart and description in your final report.

A list of evaluation assessment tools

Hide questions

Hide any question that you don't normally answer. This results in a customized questionnaire for you and greatly speeds up your report writing time.

Hide unused questions

Goal bank

Input then quickly reuse your custom goals across all your documents, with the student's name automatically inserted into the goal.

Custom goal bank

Automatic assessment interpretations

Based on your answers to the questionnaire, individualized interpretations are automatically included in your report.

Automatic assessment interpretations

Consistent reports, streamlined process

Custom header

Upload your school or clinic logo and add the name and address. They'll be automatically included in the header of your downloaded docs.

Include your signature

Upload an image of your signature and we'll automatically insert it into the downloaded report. No more printing, signing and scanning!

Include your signature
Customize your doc header with school and clinic logo and info

Designed for individual therapists and teams of any size

Individual Therapists

With 3 subscription plan levels for individual therapists, there's something for everyone.

School  Districts

Achieve consistent report formatting, content and comprehensiveness across your whole school district team of SLPs, OTs and PTs.

Private Clinics

Improve your bottom line while increasing employee happiness by saving them hours when writing their reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're all about helping therapists save time and energy. Here's more info about how we do that for you.

Who is the software for?

The Double Time Docs software was designed specifically for pediatric SLPs, OTs and PTs in the school and clinic settings, who need to write narrative reports.

This is not a simple "check the boxes" software. When you answer questions, it generates full sentences and paragraphs to create a comprehensive report covering every aspect of the child that needs to be evaluated. We provide 100+ assessment scoring charts and descriptions for you to include in the report with just a few clicks.

Use Double Time Docs as a guide during your evals so you don't miss anything and then save a ton of time writing up your report.

Do you have school and clinic versions? For SLP, OT and PT?

Yes to all questions! We have questionnaires that generate reports specifically for schools or clinics, and we have those for SLPs, OTs and PTs. So whatever your setting or field is, we've got you covered.

Why do I need DTD? Our team already has an online program.

Double Time Docs is not an IEP software. It generates a narrative evaluation report, the same as you would normally, but with incredible speed and efficiency.

You'll download your report as a Word or Google Doc, then you can cut and paste it directly into your IEP software such as IEP Direct, EASY IEP, SESIS, Frontline, etc. as you normally would.

You don't need permission from your supervisor to use DTD because the final result from DTD is a report, the same as if you'd written it without the help of our software.

Is each report individualized?

Yes, all reports are based on the individual's behaviors, scores, teacher/parent report, and individual performance.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, there is no long-term commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to the Subscription page and clicking the "Cancel" button. Your card will no longer be charged and you'll have access until the end of your monthly or yearly billing period.

Do you offer discounts on team accounts for districts and clinics?

Yes! Please fill out our team contact form for more info.

What is the file format of the report?

When you're done editing the report in our software, you can download your report as a Microsoft Word document or export your report to your Google Drive as a Google Doc. You can then edit and fine-tune it as much as you want and share it with colleagues like any other file.

Jason Gonzales, creator of Double Time Docs

How Double Time Docs Was Born

Hello and welcome! I'm Jason Gonzales, the creator of Double Time Docs. I've been a Pediatric OT for more than 20 years and have worked all over the country in many school districts.

The one thing that stood out to me everywhere I went was that every one of my colleagues spent way more time writing evaluations than they wanted to. It made me think that there must be a way to use technology to improve this process. So I created Double Time Docs to save you time writing your evaluations.

I'd love it if you'd give it a try. And please reach out directly to me with any questions or comments. I'm here and happy to help you!