Case Study: HealthPro Pediatrics

Using Double Time Docs has a significant impact on therapist efficiency, employee happiness and clinic finances. Read our Case Study with HealthPro Pediatrics, a highly respected, national private therapy clinic, and longtime Double Time Docs subscriber.


Double Time Docs is a software tool designed to streamline the process of creating evaluation reports for pediatric occupational therapists (OTs), speech therapists (SLPs) and physical therapists (PTs). This case study examines the experiences of the OT team at HealthPro Pediatrics California, managed by Rebecca Crouch, OTD, OTR/L, Director of Staff Development, before and after implementing DTD and highlights the benefits and improvements observed in their evaluation report process.


Before adopting DTD, the OT team relied on company-developed templates, which varied in consistency and efficiency. Many therapists reported difficulties in creating reports due to inconsistencies across therapists, potential typos, and incorrect client names resulting from copy-pasting information from old reports. These challenges not only hindered productivity but also raised concerns about legal and best practices compliance.


Implementing DTD addressed these challenges by providing a consistent template that guided therapists through the report-writing process. The software's prompts and questions encouraged therapists to include essential information in each section, such as student goals and the functional impact of assessments. It also reduced the likelihood of incorrect client names, saving time spent on manual corrections.


  • Time Savings: DTD significantly reduced the time required to write evaluation reports. On average, therapists reported saving 3-4 hours per report, allowing them to allocate more time to direct client interaction and other duties.
  • Comprehensive Reports: DTD prompted therapists to provide more thorough and comprehensive reports. The software emphasized including vital details, such as student goals and functional impact, which improved the quality of reports.
  • Training: DTD proved to be a valuable tool for training new therapists. It facilitated an understanding of the evaluation process and report requirements, helping new therapists produce more consistent and comprehensive reports.
  • Consistency: While allowing some flexibility for therapists to use other formats, DTD ensured that legally required information was consistently included in reports. This enhanced the defensibility of the reports in the event of due process.
  • Improved Efficiency: The time saved on report writing allowed therapists to be more efficient in their roles, ultimately benefiting students and clients.
  • Positive Financial Impact: While the exact financial impact wasn't quantified, the HealthPro Pediatrics team acknowledged that DTD positively affected their bottom line by increasing efficiency. Therapists spent less time on report writing and more time on billable activities, indirectly contributing to cost savings.


The OT team received positive feedback from various stakeholders, including parents, school administrators, teachers, and case managers. They noted that the reports generated using DTD were thorough and detailed. Supervisors also praised the quality of the reports, fostering a culture of excellence in report writing.

Additional Benefits 

Apart from the time savings and report consistency, the team identified other benefits of using DTD, including:

  • Simplified Report Creation: DTD eliminated the need to figure out which pieces of information should be included in a report, making the process more straightforward.
  • Suggestions for Improvement: The team suggested expanding DTD's capabilities to include more assessment scoring charts and also proposed adding a Spanish component for translations.


In conclusion, the implementation of Double Time Docs revolutionized the evaluation report process for this HealthPro Pediatrics. It not only saved time but also improved the quality, consistency, and comprehensiveness of their reports, resulting in positive feedback from stakeholders. DTD's user-friendly interface and comprehensive prompts made it a valuable asset for both experienced therapists and those in training, ultimately benefiting both the team's productivity and the quality of care provided to their clients.

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